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…and the winner is…

…and The Winner Is…
Colin Jacobs draws the first raffle winner, our trusted treasurer John looks on

Our week long raffle, which started at the Potwalloping Festival and ended on 6th June at the Appledore Arts Festival, was a great success. The first of our six winners chose (photographic award winner) Sarah Gallifent’s mounted print ‘Sunset over Lundy’ as her prize. One of our winners will be receiving Kim Style’s silver sea horse in the post back home in Adelaide Australia. We raised just over £200 towards our funds which will help towards administration costs and publicity for ‘Mill Street Moments’ and ‘Culture Show’ our two prime Summer events.

Having a presence at both festivals has been excellent profile raising for the Creatives; there was a lot of interest in joining and many membership forms were taken. We also had 94 members of the public signed their support towards Bideford Bay Creatives goal to create an ‘Arts Hub’ in Bideford; some physical space where we can have studios, workshop space, meeting room with internet, cafe, gallery, arts administration office, cinema etc.

A big thanks to ‘The Samaritans’ for the use of their gazebo/tent, and to all members who represented us at the festival.

Dave Green

Dave Green

A photographic artist who has built up a unique vision of the world through his digitally constructed images. None of his photographs are simply photographs; most of them are made from up to 100 separate images layered, like strata, on top of each other to build up an impression of what it is like to be in a place, giving the viewer far more than a visual experience.

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