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The Brunswick Wharf Project

The Brunswick Wharf Project needs you!

Are you interested in local history, fishing, shipbuilding or pottery trades? Or does your family have historical links to Bideford and the Port?

Do you live in the East or West side of town?

A new and exciting project from Bideford Bay Creatives starts in January and runs for 14 months. Funded by The People’s Health Trust Active Communities grant, we will be working with two neighbourhoods in Bideford, both sides of the water to set up a Community group of volunteers. This group will discover and celebrate local and historical connections to Brunswick Wharf and the Port of Bideford from early maritime history through to the present day.

People taking part will make new friends, get to know each other better, explore and research, share information and dig up the past. With support from Project Co-ordinator Sadie Green, the Community group will meet regularly throughout the year to devise, plan and put in place a programme of public activities for 2016. Training is also available with plenty of tea and cake!

If you and your friends are interested and would like to know more, email or telephone Sadie on 07530 508676

Printed information will also be available in the library.

Sadie Green

Project Co-ordinator

Tales Of The Riverbank

This is a series of events that BBC are running in the Summer and Autumn of 2016, exploring and celebrating the River Torridge – its history and heritage, natural environment, beauty, and those who use it. Watch this space for further information of events and workshops.

Find out about the events and workshops that formed Tales Of The Riverbank 2015.

Culture Show

Culture Show is a project co-ordinated and managed by Bideford Bay Creatives (BBC), who place artworks in non Gallery places and spaces where the public go. BBC presents an eclectic mixture of creative artwork from mainly local, but also national and International creative practitioners. Culture Show 2016 will take place in late summer.


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