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Culture Show 2009

Culture Show 2009

Culture Show – creative work in town centre premises


The Bideford Bay Creatives are introducing to Bideford a project that was pioneered by the Chair of the Association, Sadie Green, in Northampton in 2000. This project is still successfully running in Northampton (it is called ‘Open Spaces Open Places’, see the website at the project will be called ‘Culture Show‘ in Bideford and will run for the whole month of October.

The project brings the arts into the public realm; places where people go on a regular basis and as part of their ‘normal’ day to day business. For example shops, cafes, hairdressers, the library, building societies and pubs. These places, in turn, are venues for hanging and placing creative artworks, sounds or performances.


The project brings the arts to the people and places where the public go – the creative works will be both discovered unintentionally by visiting a shop or café and intentionally by following the Culture Trail. It also raises the profile of and promotes creative practitioners in the area. Above all it creates an event that can introduce the arts and practitioners not only to the locals but also adds value as a tourist attraction and a quality cultural experience in Bideford.

A trail map will enable members of the public to follow the Culture trail and to see as many venues and artworks as they wish. Also members of the public will come across creative work as part of their visit to the town centre and the businesses there.

There will be an ‘opening’ of the event to raise awareness of it and for the Culture Show to be officially launched. The BBC group wish to develop the Culture Show into an annual event.

Culture Show 2009 Trail

Culture Show trail Map 2009

1- Café Lily’s, Atlantic Village, open 10-6 every day; Artist: Dave Green, photography and Rosie Burns paintings

2- Complete Computing, Old Town, open Mon to Fri 9-6 and Sat 10-5; Artist: Dave Green, photography, plus images of work in other venues on the digital screen

3- Elliott’s Car Showroom and garage, off Kingsley Rd, showroom window open; Artists: Sue Russell and Alison Rickman, Carnival Costume; Simon Moore, glass

4- CafecinoPlus, Mill St, open Mon to Sat 8.30 – 5 plus evenings Wed to Sat; Artists: Janet Jopson, linocuts and batik; Pat Butler, paintings and John Butler wooden Birdhouses

5- The Energy Bar, Mill St, open Mon to Sat 9.30-3.30; Artists: Duncan Hopkins, paintings and Rachel Sumner, driftwood boats

6- Café Crème, Mill St, open Mon to Sat 9-4 and Sun 10.30-3.30; Artist: Sarah Gallifent, photography

7- Velvet and Vanilla, Cooper St, open Mon to Sat 10-3 plus evenings Fri and Sat; Artist: Gillie Jackson, photomontage and paintings

8- Garlands, AllHalland St, front window; General promotional display featuring a range of artists taking part in the Culture Show

9- Lacey’s Ale and Cider House, Bridge St, open 12-11 every day; Artists: Duncan Hopkins, Janet Jopson, Janis Glover and Rosie Burns, paintings and prints in Lacey’s Bar, plus Ian Hudson’s watercolours in the Tavern dining room

10- Bideford Library, New Road, open Mon and Thurs 9.30-7; Tue and Fri 9.30-5.30; Wed 9.30-12 and Sat 9.30 -4; Artists: Raz Scott Olivier and Kim Styles, jewellery

11- Café Life, The Quay, open Mon to Sat 10-4 and Sun 11-3; Artist: Janis Glover, paintings

12- Britannia corner window; Artist: Jilly Collins, hats and fascinators

13- HomeStart window, Bridgeland St; Artist: Dave Green, photography

14- Glover, Stanbury and Co, front window; Artist: Rosie Burns, paintings and sculpture

Sadie Green

Sadie Green is an experienced freelance Project Manager and has been initiating, co-ordinating and managing arts-based projects since 1999. Sadie is Chairing the committee of Bideford Bay Creatives and through this group is very keen to establish cultural and creative links with Bideford's new twin town of Manteo, on Roanoke Island in North Carolina.

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