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As a practicing artist, most of the time I’m not aware of any major influences, regarding my work, but grasp at random ideas that seem to come from nowhere. However, there are certain themes that have run through my work for 40 years. Water is one of them [the sea, swimming, bathing, and in particular the river]. To me the river means a journey, sailing to find your soul, saying goodbye, finding love, and bringing ideas, culture and colour from far away lands, both real and imagined. It supports life, work, play, nature, and courses through the veins of our ever changing world. Whether I’m working in paint, pencil, batik, collage, or found materials, this theme as been constant for as long as I can remember.

Gerrard Lindley is a freelance graphic illustrator / fine artist, producing commercial images for print and publishing, as well as personal work for exhibition and commission.

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