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7thpencil specialises in inspiring engaging painted works. ‘I am passionate about engaging people with their surroundings in exciting ways’.

We make films for business and events creating inspired advertisements by documenting the process of painting which engages their audience via social media and local screenings. See the 7thpencil You Tube channel for examples of films.

7thpencil paints in homes, public spaces and at events, bringing intrigue to a space whilst blending with existing settings and brands if necessary.

7thpencil likes a challenge and to learn as often as possible to improve practice and bring new opportunities.

7thpencil’s personal practice often explores the theme of man and nature, and the duality within this subject, working with or against the planet. Mel often personifies the ‘earth’ character in order to inspire relation in a human form so as not to be detached from the earth as a living thing.

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