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BBC at the Burton…then the Post Office

BBC At The Burton…then The Post Office

The opening of the first BBC exhibition at the Burton Art Gallery went very well. There was a very good turnout on the evening of Friday 3rd June for our Postcard Exchange with our twin town of Manteo in North Carolina. This included a number of the Friends of the Burton, who were a partner in this venture. Although a 6×4 postcard is very small many of our visitors stayed for over an hour reading the image and text reverse and eight pieces were sold on the first day. During 4 days at the Burton Art Gallery, (which we shared with Howard Hodgkin who had the main space downstairs) we had in excess of 150 unique visitors and 15 of the artists postcards were sold! (you could say we sold more than Howard!)
The show was then moved to Bideford’s Post Office on the Quay where it will stay for the rest of the month. Would anyone, shop/business etc like to show the work in July?

Some comments on the exhibition:
“Such a wide display of talents – marvellous!”
“Brilliant – such a clever idea to display them like this”
“Super – it’s very clever art work”
“Lovely! Small!”
“Interesting display concept – very well presented, thank you”
“Great keep it going”
“Interesting idea. Would have been nice if they had all been written as postcards on the back”
“An ingenious and flirty kind of exhibition – cards make spaces for memories”

Postcard Exchange at the Post Office

Dave Green

Dave Green

A photographic artist who has built up a unique vision of the world through his digitally constructed images. None of his photographs are simply photographs; most of them are made from up to 100 separate images layered, like strata, on top of each other to build up an impression of what it is like to be in a place, giving the viewer far more than a visual experience.

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