Website Help

Now you are a member of the BBC, you can login and add content to the website, such as news, pictures and events.

These files will give you step-by-step instructions for adding content to the website. All files are in PDF format, and you can access them by clicking on the links below. The documents will open in a new browser tab or window, allowing you to keep both the website and the help documents open at the same time. Alternatively you can save the PDF help file to your hard-drive, or print the pages.


Login and ‘Your Profile’

Includes: Where and how to Login – Quick change ‘Your Profile’ – How to change ‘Your Profile’ in detail – Changing your photo, bio and contact details – Where the changes will show on the website

Your Individual Creatives Page

Includes: How your page works – How to change the photo, bio and contact details – How to edit artwork and text – Warning


Write A News Article (New Post)

Includes: How to write a quick post (text-only) – How to write a Post (text and images) – Categories – Tags – Post Expirator – Member Access – add a Google Map – saving a Draft – Previewing your post – Submitting for Review – Publishing


1. Adding Images to a Post or Page – UPLOAD NEW IMAGES

Includes: Important information about image sizesHow to use the cursor to place a picture in the Post – Using the Upload/Insert buttons – Upload 1 image from your computer – Upload 2 or more pictures from your computer – What is the Media Browser? – What to do then?

2. Adding Images to a Post or Page – MEDIA BROWSER

Includes: How the Media Browser is used to place images in your article – Titles – Alternate text – Caption – Link URL affects – How to use a picture to link to another website – Alignment – How text and images work together – Changing image size and affect – Featured image – How to insert into post – saving as Draft – Previewing – Publishing


Add An Event To The Calendar

Includes: How to add an event – ‘Add Event’ basics – ‘Add Event’ example – Edit an existing event – Delete an Event – Automatically create a news post for the event – Edit the post

For additional help please email BBC webmaster –

Adobe Acrobat Reader 9If you have problems and cannot open or read the PDF Help files, You need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is safe and quick to download and install.

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