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BBC AGM 2015 minutes

Bideford Bay Creatives AGM Oct 6th 2015 Minutes Apologies: Clive Simpson, Duncan Hopkins, Stuart Stickler, Shirley Stickler, Sarah Gallifent, Miranda Clark, Louise Grainger, Tess Robinson-Lane, Councillor Langmead M, Jennie Lamb, Rose Arno, Bryony Joy Chave-Cox, Sue Giblett, Amanda McCormack, Gigha…

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Public Art in Culture Show featuring Dave Green

Dave Green's Photomosaic sits in Jubilee Square, Bideford filling a 12x5 foot ugly blank peeling window. This artwork was conceived 6 months prior to the installation, and submitted to Bideford Bay Creatives for inclusion in their Culture Show 2015. Once…

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New website online

Bideford Bay Creatives' website has now been updated, to reflect and promote all the exciting projects and events happening in 2015. It has been designed with a focus on technological change, simplicity and expansion. Design and web admin by Duncan…

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