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Members’ work selected for The Royal West of England Academy

Moonlight Series, The Wreck, © Mike Bentley
Moonlight Series, The Writers © Mike Bentley
Turbulent Passage ©DaveGreen
Kiplin's playground ©DaveGreen

Mike Bentley and Dave Green have had two photographs each selected for The Open Photography Exhibition at The Royal West of England Academy in Bristol. They have been selected from 1700 entries from across the South West.

The Exhibition opens on the 20th February and runs until 5th April.

Dave Green

Dave Green

A photographic artist who has built up a unique vision of the world through his digitally constructed images. None of his photographs are simply photographs; most of them are made from up to 100 separate images layered, like strata, on top of each other to build up an impression of what it is like to be in a place, giving the viewer far more than a visual experience.

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