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‘Fun On The Beach’ – next members’ meeting 28th Jan 2010

‘Fun On The Beach’ – Next Members’ Meeting 28th Jan 2010
Fun On The Beach 28/1/2010

Members Meeting Thursday 28th January – Painting with Light
Meet at 7.30pm at the Westward Ho! Slipway

A working party will gather wood earlier in the day to make a fire; any pyromaniacs who want to be involved in the fire building please email our chair Sadie who will coordinate it.

Bring with you as many of the following items that you have: 

  • Torch / flashing light
  • Camera
  • Flash gun
  • Warm dark clothing / hat / gloves / boots
  • Waterproofs (if rain shower is forecast)
  • Tripod
  • Anything that emits light eg lighter / candle / match / radio controlled car
  • Sparkler
  • Food for the barbeque
  • Flask of tea / coffee / whisky

Mike Bentley and Dave Green will lead BBC members in the making of pictures at night using light sources available to us. There will be natural light from an almost full moon plus torches, flame and all of the other sources brought along on the night.

Dave and Mike will provide laptops for instantly viewing the images produced and coloured gels to hold over light sources.

There will be some group collaborations on making big complex images light a postcard of Westward Ho!; there will also be small group images light portraits of the artist making a light drawing (after Picasso). There is much scope and need for members to contribute to the creative process.

Dave Green

Dave Green

A photographic artist who has built up a unique vision of the world through his digitally constructed images. None of his photographs are simply photographs; most of them are made from up to 100 separate images layered, like strata, on top of each other to build up an impression of what it is like to be in a place, giving the viewer far more than a visual experience.

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